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Video Tape Transfer Service

Why is transferring home movies so important?

Your special memories are priceless, but the video tapes they are stored on certainly aren't. That’s why our Video Tape Transfer Service specializes in preserving those moments for generations to come. No more outdated players, tape-eating machines, or boxes of tapes taking up space. We make it easy for you to relive every moment.

Video tape Transfer Service VHS

As with our audio transfer services, we offer stunning transfers of your videotapes. The types of consumer videotapes we can transfer are VHS, VHSC, SVHS, MiniDV, Video 8, Digital 8, Hi8, and Betamax. If your video has been recorded in Pal or Secam, do not worry. We can convert it to NTSC so that it will play on your home DVD player. We can also transfer professional video tapes such as U-Matic, EIAJ reel tapes, and Betacam.


Not all videotape players were created equal. This is why we have many different VCRs, outboard gear, and the best analog to digital converters to get the best results possible. We also use high-end time base correctors to eliminate jumps, jitters, and dropped frames.

Video tapes to DVD Service Immure Records

Our VHS to DVD service in Minneapolis is just as amazing. We can create either DVD, Blu-Ray, or Flash Drive from your videos.


Our video transfer service doesn't include "straight transfers" or long wait times of 4 to 11 weeks, which we believe is unreasonable. Depending on the number of tapes, we can typically complete the transfer within a few days. Our video transfer service includes the removal of blank footage longer than 15 seconds, a professionally mastered disc, a printed disc, and a slim-size case with a personalized cover. Additionally, we take extra care to add fade-ins and outs at the beginning and end of the video to enhance the viewing experience. We treat your precious memories as if they were our own and strive to provide exceptional service.

What is included with your order

Once Received - Your video tapes are inventoried and kept together during the entire process to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten. - Visual inspection of your media for damage. - Tapes are repaired if necessary for an additional cost with the consent of the owner.

The Transfer Process - A player is chosen for the best video and sound reproduction. - All video is captured in the highest quality and uncompressed (custom editing is available at an additional cost). - The video is monitored in its entirety during the transfer process.

The Post Production Process. - The video is rendered according to customers chosen type of finished product (DVD, Blu-Ray, or File). - Color correction, grain reduction, and sharpening are done. - Audio can be restored for an additional cost with the consent of the owner.

The Final Product - A DVD or BluRay disc is made with a custom title screen and chapter menus. - Disk is checked for proper playback. - Printing on the DVD and case insert is done to identify your new disk. - If requested a digital file can be put on a hard drive, USB flash drive, or your cloud service in any format that you would like.

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