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Audio Transfer Service

What is the perfect audio transfer?

At Immure Records, our priority is to eliminate imperfections such as hiss, crackles, static, unwanted background noise, and buzz from sound recordings while preserving the integrity of the original sound source.

Our team in Minneapolis specializes in converting cassettes to CDs using advanced audio restoration techniques. This involves digitizing the audio source from analog media, including vinyl recordings, optical sources, and magnetic tape, to ensure high-quality digitalization.

When it comes to preserving records, we use high-quality analog-to-digital converters and preamps to ensure perfect sound quality. Each vinyl is carefully cleaned and matched with one of our many different cartridges and stylus to achieve the best possible capture. This attention to detail is crucial and often overlooked. We never rely on a "general purpose" needle for all records. Instead, we use cartridges from various manufacturers such as Shure and Clear Audio. Though seemingly insignificant, this step ensures that our customers return with more records to preserve. Throughout the process, we monitor the audio quality and keep an eye out for any potential damage in the recording. 

After capturing your recordings digitally, we utilize specialized digital processing units such as declickers, decracklers, dehissers, and dialogue noise suppressors to restore and clean your recordings. Our highly experienced team utilizes the latest hardware and software to eliminate all unwanted noise from your recordings, restoring the dynamics and feel of the sound you desire. Whether you need a CD or want to transfer your cassette to MP3, our Minneapolis team is fully equipped to handle your needs.

At Immure Records, we don't believe in simply transferring recorded audio without giving it the attention it deserves. We take great care to preserve each piece's unique details and dynamics, regardless of when it was recorded. Our goal is to ensure that your recordings sound outstanding when they leave our facility. We don't offer complicated pricing or multiple packages - our focus is on providing the best possible sound quality for all audio that comes our way.

Reel to reel to digital Immure Records
Lp vinyl record transfer service Immure Records

Our passion lies in the restoration of a wide spectrum of digital and analog recordings. We can expertly restore vinyl records, including those with 33 1/3, 45, and 78 r.p.m. We also restore cassette tapes, microcassette tapes, 8-track tapes and 1/4 inch reel to reel tapes, in either mono or stereo. Our services cater to various speeds such as 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, or 15 i.p.s. We provide DBX type II noise reduction for half-track masters at no extra cost. Additionally, we work with 1/2 inch reel to reels, ADAT, DAT, and numerous other formats.

What is included with your record and tape transfer order

Once Received - Your recordings are inventoried and kept together during the entire process to ensure nothing is lost or forgotten. - Visual inspection of your media for damage. - Repair any items with the owner's consent, necessary repairs are available at an additional cost. - Professional cleaning of media such as records is performed.

The Transfer Process - Records get a needle and stylus selected to get the best quality of the recording possible. -Turntable speed is precisely locked in for the correct speed of the record. - Tapes are tried in different machines to choose which plays and sounds the best - Noise reduction units are selected if applicable - This is where levels of preamps are set. - The audio is transferred and listened to the whole time to ensure there are no skips, errors, or malfunctions such as splice breaks or sticky tapes and to also maintain the proper levels throughout the recording.

The Restoration Process - The magic and most crucial step. - A noise profile is constructed and carefully removed. - After the noise is removed, we listen to the audio to check for any artifacts and make sure the noise is eliminated. - Now we master the audio. We bring back the dynamics and punch to the sound by adding EQ, compression, exciters, and limiters. - This process is what makes us far superior to our competition.

The Final Product - Now we listen one more time to make sure everything sounds amazing. - We now split the audio tracks and add metadata to each audio track. Metadata is song titles and artist /band name This way, if you have a CD player that shows CD info, it will be displayed correctly. - Now we burn the CD and print the information on the disc (band name, album title, etc.). - If you request a digital file it can be put on a hard drive, USB flash drive, or your cloud service in any format that you would like.

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