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8mm, 16mm and 35mm Film Transfer Service

Will my film last forever? Yes, it will in 4k.

Your memories are priceless, yet the film they're preserved on is not everlasting. We offer a solution to transfer all your precious moments to last for generations to come. No more worrying about faulty projectors that can potentially harm your film or the burden of storing bulky reels that take up valuable space. Trust us to preserve your cherished memories.

8mm film to Digital Service

Our exceptional film scanning services in Minneapolis are unparalleled, just like our video tape transfer services. Our cutting-edge full-frame scanning technology ensures the highest transfer quality. Our sprocket-less scanner design treats your film with the utmost care. We can scan a variety of formats, including silent 8mm, silent Super 8, Super 8 with magnetic sound, silent 16mm, and 16 mm with optical sound, and 35mm cine film with optical sound in 4k. You have the option of choosing between standard definition DVD or full HD Blu-Ray formats. Our meticulous scanning process involves scanning each frame individually, which is then compiled into a stunning movie. The result is truly remarkable!

16mm film to digital scanning

Our approach to film transfers is far superior to the outdated methods of projector-to-box or camera-to-wall transfers. We understand that waiting 4 to 8 weeks for completion is simply unacceptable, which is why we pride ourselves on a turnaround time of just a few days, depending on the number of films. Our film transfer package includes the removal of blank footage, a fully mastered disc, a printed disc, and a full-sized case with cover. Additionally, we take extra care to provide fade-ins and fade-outs at the beginning and end of each video, color correction, grain reduction, and sharpening. We treat your precious memories with the utmost respect and care, as if they were our very own. This is our commitment to you.

There's no better time to transfer your film than now. You can not only enjoy it on your TV, but also share it with your loved ones online.

What is included with your film transfer order

Once Received - Visual inspection of your film for damage or vinegar syndrome. - Professional cleaning of film. - Splices replaced if needed. - Chemical soaking for brittle or vinegar syndrome is done if necessary for an additional cost with the consent from the owner.

The Transfer Process - A frame-by-frame scan is performed on your film. - Sound is captured if applicable. - White balance and exposure are also adjusted at this time.

Post Production Process - Color correction, grain reduction, and sharpening are done. - Sound is restored and put back in the movie if applicable. - Fade-ins and outs are performed.

The Final Product - A DVD or BluRay disc is made with a custom title screen and chapter menus. - Disk is checked for proper playback. - Printing on the DVD and case insert is done to identify your new disk. - If requesting a digital file it can be put on a hard drive, USB flash drive, or your cloud service in any format that you would like.

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