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You have questions and we have answers.  Below are the most often asked questions.  If you have questions that are not mentioned below please contact us right away and we will help you.
Will I get my original recording(s) back?
Yes, absolutely.  We return all of your original recordings back along with your new CDs or DVDs.
Is it safe to ship my one-of-a-kind recordings?
We get this question often, and yes it is totally safe.  In over 12 years of restoring our clients irreplaceable recordings we have never had one lost or damaged in transit.  Just remember to get a tracking number.
What is the best way to ship my recordings?
For records we recommend sandwiching the records between two pieces of sturdy cardboard and tape the edges to keep the album secure.  Then place the album in a box of your choice.  An LP mailer works the best, but if you do use a box make sure the album is not flopping around in the box and it is a nice fit.  You can even add extra packaging material to the box for an added measure of protection.  We highly recommend you add packaging material for old 78rpm records.

Other recordings, negatives and film we recommend using a box with packaging material.  Again please make sure they are not loose in the box and they will be perfectly fine.
How long does it take to convert a record or tape?
This all depends on the condition of the original recording.  As 78rpm and cardboard recordings can take in some cases 8 hours plus.  Generally a 33rpm Lp in fairly good condition is about 3 to 4 hours to complete.  Cassette tapes are about the same.  Again it really depends on the original.  Each recording is unique and they are handled in that manner.
Do you offer rush services?
Yes, we do.  This depends on the original condition and what needs to be done.  If you need rush services please call us at 763-862-5992 and let us know what you need and when.  In most cases we are able to accommodate your needs.
Can I wait and watch you convert/transfer my audio and video?
No, I am sorry.  We find it best to just let us concentrate and focus on your media alone.  There are plenty of coffee houses, stores and restaurants near by where you can go while you wait.
I have commercial made movies that I bought and were never released to DVD.  Can you put these on DVD for me?
Yes, we can.  Provided you own the original store bought copy.  The law states that if you own the original purchased copy than you can make a back-up for yourself.  You just have to hold on the original and cannot sell the back-up copy.  Your new copy is for personal use only.
Is my personal information safe?
Absolutely!  We take privacy very seriously.  We never give out e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home/business addresses and we never keep credit card information on file.  This also applies to your recordings.
Does Immure Records buy and sell vinyl records?
No, I am sorry but we do not.  If you are looking for records and rare recordings we highly recommend either Mr. Zero's  or Down In The Valley.
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