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Immure Records is dedicated to dramatically improve the quality of audio recordings, enhance, extract and identify distorted sounds and analyze recordings and voices.We offer a free initial assessment; giving consultation and advice on forensic audio to clients in order to assess the potential evidential value of recordings or to give advice on obtaining the best recordings.

We only work through an attorney or law enforcement. We are unable to work with an individual without representation.

Audio forensics requires meticulous attention to detail and tight control over the evidential chain. This is achieved within our secure facility monitored by Vivint security twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. If you need forensic audio analysis, our Minneapolis team is happy to help you on your case.

Immure Records Forensic Audio Enhancement in Minneapolis:

- Digital audio enhancement: Background noise reduction, hiss, hum, click, static and crackle removal and suppression of distortion artifacts and interference giving dramatically improved results.

- Editing for witness protection etc. / audio copying / format conversion.

- Recovery of audio recordings from damaged recording devices and tapes.

- Analysis of tapes and digital recordings for authenticity.

- Establishing the source and recording history of an audio recording.

- Voice Comparison and analysis.

- Expert opinion on content through acoustic / auditory analysis.

- Production of edited / enhanced copies on CD / DVD / tape.

- Use of evidence safe; heat-seal evidence envelopes and labels to preserve chain of custody for all recorded media.

- Presentation of recordings at proceedings, as well as for review or transcription.

Transcription services include:

Immure Records offers accurate and professional audio transcription service from the most difficult to the largest volume recordings.

- Production and verification of transcripts.

- Audio typing and production of court / police witness statements.

Immure Records can work with all types of sound recordings including:

Surveillance recordings.

911 calls.

Police Interview Recordings.

Dictaphone, mobile phones, mp3 etc.

Voice mail / Answer phone messages.

Audio from Camcorder Footage, CCTV and custody suits.

Call center recorded phone calls.

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